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We helped them customize an insurance policy that fits. Now they can enjoy life.

Do you know Mike and Jess? They’re probably a lot like you. They bought a new home and needed insurance to protect their biggest investment and lifestyle. They didn’t want to overpay, they didn’t want the cheapest insurance either. They wanted the right insurance.

Searching online overwhelmed them. Pushy insurance salespeople bugged them.

They were confused, concerned, and they didn’t want to make wrong choice.

Three things happened.

  1. They were referred to Andrew and his team.
  2. They took Andrew’s online home insurance webinar –> Learn More.
  3. Andrew helped them sort the good from the bad and find an insurance policy that fit their needs, their budget, and protected their family as it should.

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Read their full story.

Mike and Jessica are a young couple, newly weds to be exact. They are excited about their future together and they decided shortly after getting married they would buy a home together.

They looked for a very long time and almost gave up! Luckily their real estate agent found them the perfect house. Big back yard, 2 car garage, with a swimming pool – Jessica’s dream.  They made an offer and after a tough negotiation, it was accepted.

Now, they needed to get the mortgage and insure their new home. They never really thought about their insurance. They knew they needed it and they’re smart enough to know homeownership is a whole new world of responsibility.

They we uncertain, they didn’t want the cheapest insurance, they didn’t want to overpay either. Mike and Jessica wanted the right insurance. The problem… they didn’t know what the “right insurance” was.

They tried to go online and make sense of all the insurance lingo, clauses, and mumbo jumbo. No good – they were even more confused.

They needed help.

This story has a happy ending… They were referred to Andrew Nazzaro and insurance team. They took Andrew’s free online home insurance class, asked all the questions and talked about their concerns.

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Andrew took them step by step and guided them through the process. He helped them find the insurance that fits their needs and their budget.

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Learn what was special about Mike and Jess. Continue reading…

Mike and Jessica are great people. We enjoy having them as clients and we would love to help you too, read their story, if you think we can help you too, please reach out anytime… we’d love to have you as a client.

Together they talked about their plans for the future, children, pets etc… Their jobs, Mike is self employed and he often meets clients at home, a home business endorsement was included with their policy… just in case any of his clients slip and fall when they’re visiting.

Jessica travels for work, we made sure all of her wedding jewelry is covered and her personal property was insured for replacement cost – Now, matter where she is during her travels all of her personal property is insured & protected.

About their home… The plumbing, the heating system, electrical system and roof were all updated within the past 15 years. This qualified them for a preferred tier (better insurance, less money). Most insurance companies have a preferred tier… you need to know how to qualify.

The swimming pool, the finished basement, the garage, the granite counters and all the updates were accounted for within the policy and covered. If something terrible happened, they could rebuild their home to the way it was.

Andrew helped them shop, package, and save on their insurance. Something they could never do on their own. As an insurance broker, Andrew has the knowledge and access to shop for the best price and terms. All the discounts and credits were applied, the home & auto discount, the non-smoker discount, the home alarm discount, nothing was missed.

Jessica and Mike paid less for their insurance and they got a policy that truly protects them as it should. Now as their family grows and their needs change, they call Andrew, their insurance agent, for advice and adjustments.

There is no reason to do it alone. I am here to help you, please call me anytime – 617-593-0802. Or take my online home insurance class. Its free, its live and you can ask as many questions as you would like. Thank you very much – Andrew Nazzaro

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