Your Personal Insurance Team

We’re educators, advocates, and absolutely not salesmen. You buy personal insurance or business insurance because you’re responsible to what is important to you…

  • Your home
  • Your legacy
  • Your loved ones

All too often people DIY their insurance or buy the cheapest policy, assuming “it’s all the same”.  You have every right to “figure it out” on your own, but why?

Lets us do the shopping for you – Create your insurance quote here.

How our insurance team works for you…

  • You’re unique What’s important to you isn’t important to your neighbor.  You’re needs are not the same, it’s not one size fits all. Let us help you create your risk profile. What are you insuring? How many people are in your family? How old is your family? These are only a few of the questions we need answered to accurately draft your profile. It all goes into the equation and together we’ll customize your policy.


  • Save Money – #1 You have nothing to lose, it’s just a quote, you have no obligation to buy. #2 Putting an insurance agent to work for you will not cost you more money, in fact… you’ll save money.  We know how to find the discounts and to structure the policy, squeezing the most value out of it.


  • Professional Integrity –  You are a client and we have a relationship.  Our advice might not be what you want to hear, but it’s fact and it will protect you. I hope you never need to make an insurance claim. You will not be sold “a bag of goods”,  when my team releases a quote we’re confident it will perform as it should, when it should.

The type of people we don’t work with…

  • The type of person who only buys insurance becuase the law or the bank tells them they need it. If you believe in the statement, “You can’t get blood from a stone”, we can’t help you. Please reach out to an attorney and ask them what happens to people with poor insurance when they’re responsible for damages to someone or something.  Garnished wages, levied bank accounts… if you don’t have anything now, you won’t have anything later.
  • The type of person who believes in the statement, “It’ll never happen to me”.  I hope it doesn’t. Please heed my advice and google the definition of accident.

The type of people we do work with…

  • The type of person who understands it’s not about buying too much insurance, or too little insurance, it’s about buying the right insurance.
  • The type of person who is responsible for themselves, their family and their legacy. They’ve worked hard to build their assets, lifestyle, and want to protect it.
  • The type of person who appreciates the guidance of a professional and understands the value of having an advocate in their corner during a time of need.

Please allow us to help you sort the good from the bad and customize a policy to fit your needs and your budget. We can help with Home, Life, Auto and Business insurance in Massachusetts.

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